• You can help amplify our voices, raise awareness, and make homelessness visible by working alongside a One Step Away vendor distributing the magazine at our 2019 Big Sell Off.
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2019 Big Sell Off

February 22, 2019


  • What is The Big Sell Off?

  • The Big Sell Off is an international collaboration with 120 street papers in 35 countries, supporting 20,050 homeless street vendors as they work to build better lives.
  • For one hour, at noon, on February 22, 2019, YOU can make a difference. Join our 2019 Big Sell Off to show your support and distribute magazines alongside a One Step Away vendor.
I support One Step Away because it is a concrete, obvious way to help people directly. I feel like if I support the paper, there are results that come for individuals. People who are serious about helping themselves, I want to help them.

- Don Campbell, President & CEO, VoIP & IT

I think the concept of not just supporting individuals but helping teach them to support themselves is something we all should be on board with. I support helping people help themselves.

- Bill Anderson, FOX 29 Reporter

I support One Step Away because they remind us of the humanness in homelessness. They put names and faces to homelessness. They bring visibility by publicizing really important voices and stories.

- Shannon Morgan, Associate Director, Depaul USA

  • How to Get Involved in Our Big Sell Off:

Get Involved
  • Step 1: Recruit Your Team

    • • Sign-up as an Individual Guest Vendor
    • • Or join as a Guest Vendor Team (max 4 people)

  • Step 2: Register as a Guest Vendor

    Total Amount: $25.00

  • Step 3: Send us your photos to create your team page

    • Email us at osa@rhd.org.

  • Step 4: Choose Your Fundraising Goal

    • Ambassador: $1,000
      • As an Ambassador, You will expand our capacities to build our vendor program, support new opportunities for vendor advancement, and build community partnerships that further advance our mission. (If 12 Guest Vendors can fundraise at this level we’ll reach our goal!)
    • Representative: $750
      • As a Representative, you can cover a week’s worth of papers, allowing 60 vendors to work and earn an income.
    • Advocate: $500
      • Advocates provide a safe space for our vendors, by keeping our vendor site open for a week. Our vendor site is where vendors purchase magazines, get support, and can simply recharge.
    • Supporter: $250
      • Supporters can create jobs for 5 individuals experiencing homelessness by providing new vendor training, ID badges, and 5 free magazines to get started.

  • Step 5: Share & Fundraise

    • Now that you’re all set up, reach out to your network and share the opportunity to take part in Vendors’ successes.
    • (We’ll provide sample emails and social media posts for you to share to help you be successful.)

  • Step 6: Hit the Streets alongside a One Step Away Vendor on Feb. 22, 2019

    • Join us throughout Philadelphia on February 22, from 12-1:30pm for our 2019 Big Sell Off. Hit the streets with our One Step Away vendors to advocate, raise visibility, and support our vendors as they work to build their lives and their community.

See Photos

View our 2018 Big Sell Off event photos below:

Our 2018 Big Sell Off Guest Vendors

Help us raise our goal of $12,000!0%