What does a homeless person look like? Do you have an image in your head? Scroll down to meet our vendors & hear their stories. One Step Away is an open program, an opportunity for anyone and everyone to work.

Building Lives

Looking for a great synopsis of what we do, straight from one of our vendors? This short piece sums up what our mission is all about in a quick 30 seconds : )

No longer invisible

Vendor Locations

We do our best to keep this up-to-date, so if it gets a few months behind – it’s still probably pretty accurate. Have a new friend that you don’t see here! Give us a poke to update things.

Becoming A Vendor

Interested in joining One Step Away? Visit our Vendor Site at Broad & Arch (55 N. Broad Street). We are open every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10am-1pm.

  1. Say hi, and introduce yourself
  2. Sign up for a training and orientation date
  3. Attend your scheduled training session
  4. Get 20 free papers and start working that day!

We are a no-barrier income opportunity for anyone who is homeless or jobless. All we ask is that you want to make a positive difference in your life and the community. Come work with us!