Vendor Map Zones 1.25.2018

New Vendor Program – Neighborhood Based Zones

Announcing New Neighborhood-Based Vendor Zones

We are coming to a Philadelphia neighborhood near YOU!

We are excited to announce our new neighborhood-based vendor program, bringing One Step Away to new parts of Philadelphia and building new connections and relationships with YOU and all of our supporters.

Starting in December, Vendors will be working in teams to bring the paper to all corners of the city.

Vendor Teams will collaborate to support each other and help each other meet goals; build relationships with businesses, and community organizations in their area; ensure that One Step Away has a consistent presence throughout the zone, and cover the zone’s most high-traffic areas and meet new and returning customers.

Interested in helping out? Here’s what you can do:

  • Get to know the vendors in the zones you live, work, and shop.
  • Tell your friends, family, and coworkers about the paper and where they can find a vendor.
  • Become a business or organization zone partner, a team sponsor, or help host a zone launch party.
  • Join our 2018 Big Sell Off event on February 16, from 12-1:30pm, at one of our Neighborhood Zones as a Guest Vendor!

Vendor Map Zones 1.25.2018
Vendor Map Zones 1.25.2018

Featured Zone of the Month

Center City Southeast (SE) Zone - "The Can-Do Team"

Tammy with Mayor Kenney

Tammy pictured with Mayor Kenney

Team Leader: Tammy

Team Members: Roger, William, Julia, and Fester

Team Name: The Can-Do Team

Bio: The Can-Do Team is a team with an attitude.  Bill and Roger are the tag-team at the Jefferson WAWA.  They may be in marginal housing now, but watch them wrestle their way through the thicket.  WWF has nothing on these guys.  Julia, a northern “steel magnolia,” has your papers at Starbucks at 10th & Chestnut, as well as Target (also on Chestnut).  She’d love to have a place of her own.  I have utilized the paper to benefit my own housing needs, and wish the same for the rest of my team.

Location: Center City Southeast (SE) coordinates: South from Market St. to Lombard St. East from Broad St. to Front St.