12_December_2018_Front Cover

One Step Away Magazine Edition

Every day our vendors put on their yellow vests and hit the streets distributing One Step Away. Our vendors work hard to earn the money they need to support themselves, to meet their basic necessities, to overcome homelessness, or to afford rent so they do not experience homelessness again.

Why did you change to a magazine?

In honor of our 9 years as Philadelphia’s street paper, we wanted to celebrate all of our accomplishments, and create a magazine to help our vendors earn more money so they can truly break the cycle of homelessness.

As a newspaper, vendors earned 75 cents from each paper sold. Over the past 9 years, basic living expenses have increased, and 75 cents does not get you very far these days.

We want to help provide our vendors with the best opportunities for success and stay current in our constantly changing society. To do this we created the One Step Away magazine. Vendors purchase each edition for $1.50, and distribute them for $5 on the streets, earning the difference.

We hope you enjoy the new format and will continue to support us as we prepare for the future.

Is One Step Away’s content changing?

While we are moving to a new format, we will still continue to provide the solutions-oriented, community focused, and vendor driven content that you have come to expect. While adding some new sections to engage more of the community.

Why is One Step Away now $5?

The new price allows our vendors to continue to benefit from selling the magazine throughout the city and allows the program to grow and continue to be an open opportunity and second chance for our neighbors in need.

What does One Step Away’s future look like?

We are focused on remaining a no-barrier income opportunity for anyone in need while supporting vendors and providing them with the skills they need to succeed. We hope to create internal vendor positions and promotions while building our community and business partnerships with the goal of finding stable employment opportunities for our vendors.

What is Eric’s role as vendor representative?

Eric is One Step Away’s first part-time promotion, a former vendor himself Eric will now manage the vendor site – working with other vendors and providing training to new vendors. One Step Away goal is to create four Vendor Representative positions for each of the different activities One Step Away engages in – such as vendors, volunteers, advocacy, and writing. The Vendor Representative roles create upward mobility for our vendors, by creating paid hourly positions. Our hope is to be able to raise enough funds to fill all of these roles while connecting to local businesses and community groups for more stable employment opportunities for our vendors.

With the launch of our new magazine format, and Eric joining us as OSA’s Vendor Representative – Vendors and Volunteers, we were able to expand our Vendor Site hours from every M,W,F to every Monday-Thursday from 10am-1pm.