We give a voice to those on the streets. As a monthly street paper, the One Step Away magazine advocates for social justice in our Philadelphia community and around the world.

You Don’t Know?

That’s ok. Sometimes our vendors get a bit outspoken or drown out in the noise of our urban Philly streets – but they’re increasingly becoming a prominent voice for local information. As an outlet, One Step Away is dedicated to doing its part in making our city and world a better place for everyone. Join us. Buy a magazine. Support a neighbor.

How it works:

Vendors invest $1.50 for each magazine then distribute them on the streets for $5, keeping the difference. Keep an eye out for the new issue! Every time you purchase a One Step Away Magazine you create meaningful income and personal growth opportunities for individuals experiencing homelessness or poverty.

Our Latest Issue – Volume 9 Issue 3 hits the streets April 1

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Every day people throughout Philadelphia work tirelessly to help those in need. Whether it is an individual or a community, there are countless compassionate individuals working to help those who have come upon hard times. Often these heroes work to lift people up who have fallen with little praise or acknowledgment. These unsung heroes have dedicated their time and committed themselves to improving the lives of those around them. Each year we take a moment to recognize these individuals and the work they do with our annual “Steppy” Awards.

We accept nominations for our “Steppy” Awards from our readers and community members as well as from our vendors—many of whom choose to highlight someone who has helped them overcome homelessness in their lives, or who offered them a hand up when they needed it most.

In this issue, we recognize community members who have tirelessly worked to improve the lives of their homeless neighbors. We are grateful for each of these Heroes and are proud to recognize them with a “Steppy” Award. In the next few pages, read about the Heroes our vendors nominated, and why they chose to do so; as well as nominees who have been recognized by other community members for their outstanding service.

To all our Heroes out there—both those recognized in these pages and those not—we give our heartfelt gratitude to you for all that you contribute to building a compassionate Philadelphia where all are cared for. Thank you for your passion, your perseverance, and your kindness.

Also, in this issue photo-journalist, Ted Goldman of TGoldmanphotography highlights Stephanie Michel the director of North 5th Revitalization Project talks about the Olney community and what her group is doing to improve the neighborhood’s future.

Our Other Issues 2019


Our Latest Issue – Volume 9 Issue 2

The Philly Issue!

In this issue photo-journalist, Ted Goldman of TGoldmanphotography shows us an intimate portrait of Mayor Jim Kenney, following the mayor for two years before finally being able to interview him. As Ted states, “this story is not about politics…it is about understanding the compassion that I’ve seen in him and that is often missed in typical political coverage – the human experience.”

The Philly-centric issue also features #ICYMI: Philly’s 2019 goals; #10YearChallenge: Philly then & now; PHL Pre-K; and articles, poems, and stories from our vendors.

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