We give a voice to those on the streets. As a monthly street paper, the One Step Away magazine advocates for social justice in our Philadelphia community and around the world.

You Don’t Know?

That’s ok. Sometimes our vendors get a bit outspoken or drown out in the noise of our urban Philly streets – but they’re increasingly becoming a prominent voice for local information. As an outlet, One Step Away is dedicated to doing its part in making our city and world a better place for everyone. Join us. Buy a magazine. Support a neighbor.

How it works:

Vendors invest $1.50 for each magazine then distribute them on the streets for $5, keeping the difference. Keep an eye out for the new issue! Every time you purchase a One Step Away Magazine you create meaningful income and personal growth opportunities for individuals experiencing homelessness or poverty.

Our Latest Issue – Volume 9 Issue 8

Volume 9 Issue 8

In this issue, we have an exclusive interview with Ben Ferencz, the chief prosecutor of the Nuremberg Trials. Ben was instrumental in prosecuting the German SS officers for killing thousands of people during the war. Ben stated that the officers who worked the concentration camps committed crimes against humanity and he fought to start the International Criminal Court (ICC) to persecute war crimes. He goes on to discuss what the United States is doing today and the implications of not joining the ICC. Get your copy today on the #streets of #philly to read the full article. #streetpaper
Also, in this issue:
– #ICYMI from Broke in Philly: A collaborative reporting project on economic mobility
– #Displacement during #gentrification courtesy of #NextCity

OSA’s Community Engagement Survey – We want to hear from YOU!
– #AI – the gender bias of Artifical Intelligence courtesy of the INSP
– #Governor Wolf’s plan to #legalize #marijuana in #PA 

vendor articles, photos, poems, puzzles, & much more!

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