We give a voice to those on the streets. As a monthly street paper, One Step Away advocates for social justice in our Philadelphia community and around the world.

You Don’t Know?

That’s ok. Sometimes our vendors get a bit outspoken or drown out in the noise of our urban Philly streets – but they’re increasingly becoming a prominent voice for local information. As an outlet, One Step Away is dedicated to doing its part in making our city and world a better place for everyone. Join us. Buy a paper. Support a neighbor.


Our Latest Issue – April 2018

– Our “Heroes for the Homeless” who work every day to make life better for those experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia (honoring the outstanding work of individuals at The Sunday Love ProjectResources for Human Development, PeerNet, Kailo Haven – RHDPeople’s Emergency Center (PEC)St. Raymond of Penafort of Philadelphia, Pa.Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission House of Passage, and more!)
– Ticket and Sponsorship information for our #ChampionsCelebration – more at osaphilly.org/champions
– United Nations report on U.S. Homelessness
– Student protests addressing gun violence
– A spotlight on the people behind Up and Running Healthcare Solutions
– And #Poetry, creative writing, untold history lessons, a book review of Pedagogy of the Oppressed, and puzzles from our #Vendors

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