About This Project

“November will be four years at my place,” says Jerry Tucker, originally from South Philly. When he was 16 his mother passed away. That is when he experienced being homeless for the first time. Vending One Step Away street paper has taught Jerry how to be self-sufficient. While Jerry was in a shelter for two years a friend told him about One Step Away. He has been vending since 2012. He states that the paper helps him with paying his bills and buying groceries. In the beginning Jerry said, “The people treated me like I wasn’t even standing there. It got to a point where I wanted to quit. A friend of mine told me not to give up so I hung in there and kept doing it. And because of that I’m stronger and I’m wiser. I never would have made it without One Step Away.”

One of the things that keeps him going is his apartment. Vending One Step Away has helped him to become an excellent salesman and it’s helped him to deal with people better. He states, “It doesn’t matter how hard it gets, never give up! Give yourself a chance, because it might seem hard in the beginning, but it gets greater later.” He is a 600 Club Member which gives him a permanent location; a privilege for vendors who sell 600 or more papers monthly. Jerry plans on vending his own product one day. In Jerry’s words, “Don’t stop ‘til you get enough!’”

Start Date



10th & South


Philadelphia, PA