About This Project

Joseph, known to his friends and family as Bokey, was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has been married for over 20 years, and has six children. Although he and his wife have seen hard times, they strive very hard to stay together. For months their fixed address was underneath city hall, until the harsh elements no longer permitted it. Presently, they are unable to reside under the same roof, due to limited adequate housing availability for couples, however, they refuse to let that come between their union. Joseph admits that there are nights of lonesomeness that make getting out of bed difficult, especially since not only because he spends them without his wife, his daughter has been removed from their custody as well.

Joseph’s troubles started 20 years ago, when a major car accident left him with a herniated disc and nerve damage to his leg and lower back. This is when, he explains, he became addicted to pain medicine. After repeated misuse of the prescribed narcotics by his physician, Joseph began searching for other avenues to assist with the tremendous pain he was in; this is when he unfortunately turned to street drugs. After struggling with an addiction for over 20 years he decided, he had enough. As of recent, both he and his wife are drug free, and in addition, Joseph has taken the necessary steps to reunite with his daughter. The completion of parenting, housing, and financial classes, has almost made unification possible, with on last step: obtaining housing.

According to Joseph, although the paper provides much needed help, he values the kind words of inspiration provided by his customers. He explains that he has not given up hope, and that he knows God has not forgotten him, and envisions the moment when he is kissing his daughter good night after the traditional family dinner.

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