About This Project

Hello to all of the One Step Away supporters out there! I love you! All of you make this world a better place to live in with your compassion, giving nature, and awesome personalities! I love you all so much! Yes, I said it twice. The road I’ve traveled to get to this moment in my life has been a tough one, but you make it worth it. This month I will share with you a monologue that I wrote. It was an assignment given to me from my acting class:

Ram’s Monologue:

Has my life been one of many trials & tribulations?
Was hardship my birthright?
Poverty’s revelation
Is my skin full of sin?
Why do so many people dislike me?
Am I foreign to this land of United Hate?
My spirit is all about unity
So why are we so separated?
Yeah, I know
The beast, never sleeps
It just eats, and eats — and eats
With that knowing I had to get my spirit right
Go deeper than just the surface of my flesh
Surface dwelling is for the lost soul
Align yourself with nature
and nature will align you with purpose
Know thyself and you will gain access to the wealth within you
The wealth you were born with
Access the source of God from within
And when the issues of trauma and dis-ease
longs to keep you depressed, beat down and enslaved
to this system of destruction and corruption
look at it with eyes that speak
I am a warrior of light
And I fight with my purpose
Knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

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