About This Project

Meet my good friend Slobodan Mrkojevic, a kind spirit from Yugoslavia. When he was a child his mother told him that he was born in a garden of cabbage, so he nicknamed himself, “Cabbage Boy.” Since English isn’t Slobodan’s native language, he uses a puppet to more easily connect with people on the street. You can witness Slobodan entertaining people with his puppet, “Lizza Pepperoni.” The puppet’s name was given to Slobodan by a little girl who asked the puppet’s name one day while she was donating. He told her that he didn’t have a name for his puppet, so on the spot she gave him the name “Lizza Pepperoni!” And that’s been her name ever since!

When I asked Slobodan has the One Step Away paper changed his life, he said, “Oh Yes! I meet so many people and they support me. They love what I write and they have a good heart.” Slobodan has built up his confidence vending the One Step Away paper, giving him a greater outlook on life moving forward. He says, “People have love inside but they keep it a secret so I try to open that door with love.” Slobodan says that because he loves people so much sometimes it troubles him. He has a loving heart in a world where most people are not so loving. He spoke about some great things people can do to help someone that’s living on the streets, “Give him or her housing and help them find a job. Give them freedom & hope.”

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