About This Project

Hello, I am William “Bill” Powell, a One Step Away newspaper vendor. I live here in Philadelphia, PA and have lived here all my life. I started One Step Away about three years ago, November 2013, and I just happen to be an expert hospitality newspaper vendor. I am a solider, and was in the Army Reserve for six years as a 19 Delta Recon Calvary Scout where I received Honorable Discharge. I love my Honorable Discharge achievement award because it opens the door to go back in the military one day.  I attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where I completed one year of Culinary Arts. I also attended Project 4Ever Striving, here in Philadelphia, and got my certification as a Hospitality Culinary Arts student.

I wrote my biography for this issue so you guys can hear some new kind of encouragement. One Step Away’s new project for the month of May was for all newspaper vendors to write their biographies and introduce themselves to the public. It is something real nice that One Step Away is putting together for all the people to get to know their neighborhood newspaper vendors.

And as for me, Bill Powell, I would like to thank you very much.

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17th & Parkway


Philadelphia, PA